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Naeem Awan pakistani mangoes - 1 review - Home
Anwar Ratol and Chaunsa Mango Order
Date Published: 06/21/2017
Anwar Ratol Mangoes, Chaunsa Mangoes
Good on time service very sweet mangos My lit daughter doesnot like local mango I gave her one she start eating and ask me baba can i have one more then she asked mother can u make me a milk shake i was feeling i got my money back Must try it support our community support country

Faraz Najam pakistani mangoes - 2 review - Home
Anwar Ratol
Date Published: 06/23/2017
Anwar Ratol
This was Nostalgia at its utmost. Each and every piece of Anwar Ratol reminded me of my childhood. Quality product and highly recommended!!

Tony Simon pakistani mangoes - 3 review - Home
Anwar Ratol Mangoes
Date Published: 06/20/2017
Anwar Ratol Mangoes
These were some really sweet mangoes. I got the anwar ratol mangoes shipped by UPS. My mom and my aunt were asking where I got the mangoes from. They were talking about how these mangoes tasted like the ones back in South India. They were gone within 2 days!!